The beautiful beaches of Kavourotrypes are located in the east of the Sithonia Peninsula in Halkidiki. These beaches are considered to be the most beautiful of Halkidiki, maybe even the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece. Kavourotrypes are several small sandy beaches in a rocky landscape surrounded by beautiful green hills with pine trees. The turquoise coloured sea is beautiful to look at, to photograph from above and of course to swim in. The water is shallow here.

Kavourotrypes, also known as Portokali beach or Orange beach, is located about 22 kilometres southwest of Vourvourou and 6 kilometres north of Sarti. Coming from the north, two road signs appear with the names of Kavourotrypes and Portokali beach. A hundred metres before this, there is a kiosk (canteen). Behind the canteen, you can park the car in the pine forest. If you walk about 100 meters further you will get a breath-taking view. This small, sheltered beach is set in a beautiful little bay. To walk down to this beach, you will have to walk on a path which is not too good but after some climbing and jumping, you will come to an extremely idyllic place. The moment that we were there, there was a rowing boat on the completely deserted beach, an amazing view.

Kavourotrypa Map